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Proactiv Solutions


Visit our kiosk located in the Dillard’s wing. Discover why Proactiv® has been called the best acne treatment system in America. This revolutionary 3-step system changed the face of acne treatment for millions of customers, who love how Proactiv® treats and helps prevent different types of acne while promoting clear and beautiful skin. Developed by leading dermatologists, Proactiv® gets to the root causes of acne, in both adult acne and teen acne. Acne treatment reviews consistently rate Proactiv® as America’s #1 acne solution.

The Proactiv® 3-Step system consists of an acne cleanser, toner and repairing treatment to help remove skin impurities, soothe the skin and treat acne at its source. Proactiv® also offers you some of the best acne products available, such as the Deep Cleansing Wash for body breakouts, Blackhead Dissolving Gel for reducing stubborn blackheads and the Refining Mask, which can be used as a spot treatment or overnight acne solution.

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